Let your child watch films

Cinema is arguably the 20th century’s most influential art form. Its artists told stories across national boundaries, in as many languages, genres and philosophies as one can imagine. Indeed, it is hard to find a subject that film has yet to tackle. During the last decade we’ve seen a vast integration of global media, now dominated by a culture of the Hollywood blockbuster. We are increasingly offered a diet in which sensation, not story, is king. What was common to us all 40 years ago – the telling of stories between generations – is now rarified. As a filmmaker, it worried me. As a human being, it puts the fear of God in me. What future could the young build with so little grasp of where they’ve come from and so few narratives of what’s possible? The irony is palpable; technical access has never been greater,cultural access never weaker.

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Tim Lott: We need to switch off the screens and connect with each other again


The journalist Tim Lott writes in the Guardian about kids today who are constantly plugged in to their mobiles and tablets. The 30-something generation – “digital immigrants” – is the last to remember the world before it was interconnected and needs to do something about it.

…our new era of interconnection may be as harmful as it is beneficial. Our intoxication with new technology is eroding bonds, including family bonds, even as it re-makes them in a different form.

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