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I live in London. All five of us in a small flat in East London.

Gritty, urban East London. I love the noise and chaos of the city. So alive and yet so grim.


Quite a few people at work expressed their surprise that I live in London with my clan. Sometimes I wonder if there’s a textbook on ‘What To Do When You Have Children’ that everyone’s read which I don’t know about.

Offices are noisy. Lots of people, different types of people with varying types of personalities. In the midst of this, how do I retain what is important to me? What are my values? So that at the end of a working day, I can reflect and feel satisfied. To know that in those 8 hours at work, I’ve been true to what I believe in.


 The Sill was created with a simple ambition, to inspire people to bring more of the outdoors in. “Our mission is to make the experience of discovering the perfect potted plants as wonderful as the plants themselves.”

This fig tree, with its big veiny leaves is the one for me.

Unfortunately the company’s based in New York. So I’ll have to ask around the local garden centres.


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