4 fabulous 2014 wall calendars

What do you look for in a 2014 wall calendar?

I want mine to be typographically striking, feature a month to a page (no 12 months on one sheet, thank you very much – even if it’s beautifully hand printed), and dates that are easy-to-read.

Is it really necessary to have a fabulous wall calendar? Well, yes. As I’ll be looking at it everyday and using it to note down school term dates, assembly performances, cake fairs, and parent-teacher meetings.

Function and beauty are vital.

After a few hours of online browsing, I’ve narrowed it down to these four.

So what do you think? Which one should I get? Ee ni me ni my ni mo…

Red Star Ink 2014 calendar


Jehn Design 2014 calendar


Decoy Lab 2014 calendar


Rob Ryan 2014 calendar

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