A bedroom for a teenager

With the oldest at secondary school, I’ve been considering teenage bedroom designs. The boy is slowly wanting more privacy; he mainly whiles away his time drawing cartoons, tinkering with his Lego and Meccano creations, and playing Hopscotch.

Hopefully in a couple of months, we will be moving house and he can have his own bedroom. It won’t be a big room and his teen bedroom needs to have storage space for books, Lego & Meccano, and clothes – as well as other miscellaneous detritus that teens like to hoard.

This design by Till Könneker ticks all of these boxes. The structure combines many pieces of furniture into one freestanding cube. Bed, storage and a den/work space all in one.

Best I start saving up now!


Live_cube_by_Till_Konneker_dezeen_784_0 Bedroom for 12 year old boys Live_cube_by_Till_Konneker_dezeen_784_2 Teen room ideas for a small room

Are you also planning your teen’s bedroom? I’d love to hear your ideas.
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