Don’t tell the kids that they can’t do it

The writer, Neil Gaiman (he of Coraline and Sandman fame), was interviewed for a News Review feature in the Sunday Times newspaper a while ago. He talked about his family, childhood and growing up in the UK in the article. I can’t remember when it was published, but I’d copied down one of his anecdotes about his childhood which I found particularly poignant.

Neil Gaiman has achieved every single thing he has dreamt of since he was the nerdy schoolboy who permanently carried around a copy of Lord of the Rings. At 15, he wrote down a list of the things he wanted to do in his life, and showed it to his mother. On his list he noted the following: write a science-fiction novel, write a fantasy novel, make a film, write a great comic, write an episode of Doctor Who.

He has done them all. But when he reminded his mother of the list not long ago, he asked: “Did you think I was going to do all that?” And she replied, “Well, of course not, but I wasn’t going to say that to you.”


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