Christmas shows for the family

The countdown to Christmas has begun. “40 days left, Mum,” said the kids on Saturday. Where did the year go? 

The kids wrote their letters to Father Christmas a few weeks ago. No. 1 helped No.2 write hers. Her handwriting was far too illegible, he concluded. Either risk Father Christmas not bringing the right presents or let him write her list.

Last year, No.1 stopped believing (he started big school this year) but we made him swear that he would keep the magic alive for his sisters.

The Christmas season means non-stop Christmas theatrical fun. There is so much going on at the London theatres.

I like to go for the non -West End productions. The more fringe and left-field, the better.

My aim is to excite the children and fire up their imaginations, so when it’s Christmas Eve, the kids are ready for the ultimate ‘production’ of Father Christmas, Rudolph and elves.

Get Happy by Told By An Idiot
Barbican Theatre

Chaotic and anarchic comedy.

Red Riding Hood
Pleasance Theatre


It’s by the team behind The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole- The Musical at Leicester Curve.

Clementine’s Seasonal Spectacular
Rosemary Branch Theatre

The Rosie is must for my family. We’ve been going to the Rosie for years. The landlady has known my kids since they were tiny babies.

There are adult-only performances, which is a sign that things could get racy. The use of puppetry is in the style of Diddy Movies so I’m sure the kids would love it.

The Little Match Girl
Sadler’s Wells Theatre

I’ve been meaning to take the family to see this – it’s been on Sadler’s Wells Christmas schedule the last few years. Given it keeps coming back, it must mean that it’s a great production.

Sadler’s Wells has other Christmas shows. Many moons ago, when I had just the one child, I took him to The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre. When no. 2 is older, I’ll take her to Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty.

We Are The Monsters
Southbank Centre


This looks hysterically zany. It’s sure to spark the kids’ imaginations. Possibly, nightmares even.


The Nutcracker is a Christmas classic. It’ll be no.2’s first time. I’m still undecided between the English National Ballet and the Royal Ballet. Perhaps I’ll just show her both videos and get her to choose!


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