Fashion’s not just for the young

I was at a kids birthday party last weekend and got chatting to a mum. It started off with banter about kids, as you do, before wandering on to the subject of work. She works in the city. I told her I work in fashion magazines.

She started telling me about the publications she regularly reads and buys. Monocle, Wallpaper, and some home and decor magazines as she’s doing up her home. But fashion magazines, no, she doesn’t read them.

“Fashion is for the young.”

But it’s not though. It’s for everyone. We all have to wear clothes and we care about what we wear.

Although not many women I know buy fashion magazines anymore. If they want tips, they ask their friends. Or they surf the net, check out websites and blogs. Even I don’t buy them as much anymore. Unless they’re complimentary copies or there’s something I absolutely have to read. Mostly, I only read them for work, not for pleasure.

I’d say it was around 2005 that I exchanged print magazines for online. In fact, I’d go as far to say that online is where some of the best and interesting commentary on fashion and women is happening. Especially if you’re a woman of a certain age, like from late 20s and up.

Here are some of the wonderful websites that I go to regularly.

If you know of others, please do share them. Finding a new interesting blog or website always gives me a thrill!



  1. I think part of the problem is not age, but rather that the person works in the City. I always found it hard when I was there to dress with personality as it seemed slightly frowned upon (I have worked in a lot of male-dominated industries where I was usually the only female in the room and by far the youngest).

    It is a relief to finally dress how I want and I’m really looking forward to checking out your list of blogs. You seemed to have answered my request that I made in my latest blog (! Thanks!!

    • That’s an interesting thing you said about workwear dressing when working in a male-dominated industry. I’ll give it some thought.

  2. Thank heavens -some help in the style department! My wardrobe has needed a major rethink since going back to work after maternity leave. My industry is quite laidback when it comes to dressing, which is nice, but there are quite a few ubertrendy souls I get to meet and then I feel terribly mumsy. At the moment the area around Charlotte Street seems to be dominated by jewel-coloured hair -purple, green, blue. Blondes not having all the fun anymore it would seem 😉

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