Go to interesting events, meet people and get inspired

One morning this week, two of my colleagues came back to the office buzzing. They’d attended a #Grazia10 talk on How To Predict your Career Future. “It’s so inspiring”, “We need to go to more events like that”, they told me.

I missed this particular talk, but I did go to Grazia’s last talk yesterday on Technology.

Chaired by Telegraph’s women’s editor Emma Barnett, the panellists were pyschologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, Buzzfeed UK news reporter Rossalyn Warren, feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez and Change.org UK director Brie Rogers Lowery.

#Grazia10 Talk "Technology - Friend Or Foe"

The women talked about self-image and body as a result of ubiquitous hashtags such as #thighgap. Just doing a simple twitter search, I see lots of photos posted with the hashtag #bikiniselfie and #bikinibod. It worries me that my daughters are growing up in this selfie-obsessed world. The peer pressure from friends is no longer isolated to interactions on the school ground, it’s also on the computer when they are at home, probably in their bedroom allegedly doing their homework. My girls are a long way off teenage years so I am pointlessly worried right now. Still, listening to the women discuss this topic made me aware of the complex world my kids are growing up in.

The panellists also discussed how the Internet has given women a voice, that it’s never been as easy to help others and drive change, the ugly side to it, and that it’s not about spending less time but instead knowing when not to.

The talk started at 8.30am, and I was back in the office by 10am. I felt re-energised. I was inspired.

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