Hello. It’s me

Hello, world. Again.

My last blog post was way back in December. That’s a long time in the world of blogging.

Over these last few months, this blog and its social media languished in neglect. It floated aimlessly on the interweb, untouched, unloved and abandoned. My focus had turned to work and family. Writing this now feels strange, as if it’s my first blog post. You could say I’m starting back at the beginning.

In the words of WordPress, “Hello, world.”

why I blog

So many of you would know this, where life kind of creeps up on you and slowly it becomes all encompassing. The way to stay afloat – and to keep your sanity – is to shed the extracurricular commitments. (If only the same could be said of extra weight!) Side projects such as this blog is the first to fall by the wayside.

Then, last night, I listened to a podcast call Unthinkableaimed at marketing people who love creating things. And, my god, I’m so glad that Jay Acunzo (Unthinkable’s creator) started it. Listening to Jay and his interviewees discuss their work was like being at a dinner party with people you want to talk to and get to know. Our common denominator was that we all work in marketing in the day but harbour a desire to create.

In Episode 2, the theme was on side projects. Its key message was ‘if your day job is all about reach and scale, then your side project is all about building strength and enrichment’. Wow. Simple words with a powerful message.

It went straight to my heart and was just the pep talk I needed to restart this blog. So here I am, resetting to zero, and writing again.

Now, where’s my mobile? I need to go set my alarm for 5am and be at my writing desk before the dawn chorus.

writing at dawn

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