How to learn to like running

10 May = D Day. The day of my 10km run. Last one I ran I completed in 59mins. So this time, I’m going for gold and aiming for under 55mins. Although, I keep forgetting that that my 59-minute triumph was six years ago.

I started training 2 weeks ago. On the Runkeeper app, training sessions go on for about 16 weeks. Well, I have 4 weeks. I’m clocking about 4km in 30mins. Do the sums and you’d see that it’d take 1hour 10mins to complete 10km. SO far, so not good.

Running is as much psychological as it is physical. Even more so when I don’t even enjoy it. Right from putting on my shoes to getting out the front door is a pain. Only reason I make myself run is because it’s the easiest way to keep fit.
No gym membership fees, no post-swim shower.

What have I done to help me enjoy my running sessions?

1) choose a scenic route
















2) comfortable exercise gear. I don’t mean sexy outfits but functional gear that holds in all your wobbly bits and immediately makes you feel fitter.

3) use an app, like Runkeeper, to track your runs. It’s strangely compulsive and addictive. (Yes, I can so beat my last time!)

4) run in the morning. Get it out of the way first thing and you’ll feel righteous the rest of the weekend.

5) a good running partner. In my case, my oldest child on his skate scooter.



  1. Hurrah!! 1. for the return of the blog and 2. for your keep fit achievements! I’ve been training since Nov and I’ve noticed a massive difference in my fitness levels, it’s the best thing I’ve done for my health and wellbeing ever! Good luck keeping the running up xx

    • I’m trying to get back into a healthy routine of work, family, friends and self. The latter involves exercise and healthy eating. Must. Keep. Going.

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