I am addicted to good TV drama

Who said terrestrial TV is dead? I follow the TV schedule religiously and, I can assure you, the watercooler moment is still alive and well.

Cue Sunday nights at 9pm, likeminded bloggers @HPMCQ, @AnnieSpratt and I would ‘meet’ on twitter. From there on in, we would partake in an hour of communal Quinn gazing and Brody spotting (did you watch last Sunday’s?!).

That one hour of Homeland has been totally enhanced and transformed by this simultaneous online activity. Trust me, it’s much better with Twitter switched on. Otherwise, what are you going to do in the first 30 minutes? Which in this season’s episodes so far has proved to be a consistent yawn fest. The action only starts ratcheting up in the last 15 minutes – the pace in the last quarter of an hour is so intense that our tweets become a stream of exclamation marks and capital letters.

This 30min of non-action and 15min of intense drama is a classic affliction that all successful American TV drama series suffer from in subsequent seasons, I think. Remember Lost? The series where an airplane disappears and lands on a strange island. A victim of its own success.

The twitter chatter, commentary and snarky comments keep me afloat when various parts of the episode is sinking. @HPMCQ and @AnnieSpratt know that I love my drama, and they know what makes me tick. Swedish detective drama, the Serial podcast etc. See you tonight at 9pm, ladies!

So if you fancy a #TVtalk watercooler moment, join me (@thedailymum) at these times:

  • Homeland on Sunday 9pm. Which CLASHES with Remember Me – I’ll be watching this at 10pm straight after Homeland.
  • Intruders on Saturday night. It used to be on Monday night, but they’ve moved it to a Saturday.
  • Then, of course, there is The Fall on Thursday night.


  1. ha ha so true, without you guys homeland just would not be the same. also been watching the missing which is unbearable at parts as it’s about an abduction of a young boy same kinda age as rooster. and oh my how good is serial?? who put thanksgiving in the way though!! x

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