I Can Fly

I remember the A Little Golden Book series very well from my childhood. I used to read Pinocchio over and over again. Where the book came from, I’m not so sure. Growing up in Singapore in the ’80s, I’m fairly certain the bookshops then would not be selling them. Most likely it came from an English expat neighbour who used to give me her son’s story books and text books – Wuthering Heights was one of them. To her, it was probably just a mundane exercise in spring cleaning, weeding out the old books to make room for the new as her boy got older. But for me, getting these books were life changing. So thank you, ex-neighbour.

That’s the story behind how I knew about this series. Now, back to my Fiction Friday book.

I found I Can Fly in Magma bookshop, which had a section of beautifully illustrated children’s books. It’s about a little girl and her imaginary world, where she pretends to be different animals. The words are very simple and would suit 2 year olds. My kids were enchanted by the pictures, but did not engage much with the simple story.

As those of you who know me will know by now, I’ll buy a children’s book for its magical pictures even if the words are lower than Julia Donaldson standards. Sometimes, beautiful pictures are all a child need in a book.

And this is how the story begins.

A bird can fly.
So can I.
A cow can moo.
I can too.


  1. What a beautiful cover! I grew up with Little Golden Books too, but I don’t recognise this one. It sounds lovely. My favourite one (which I now own a new copy of) was The Color Kittens.

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