It’s nice to switch off now and again

For this half term holiday we had our usual big family (with the in-laws etc) holiday. Off we went to the rural countryside of north Yorkshire. Where there is more sheep than man. Where a hotspot is a natural beauty spot attracting visitors. Where the nearest shop is more than a mile away. Where taking a walk means exposure to harsh conditions of horizontal rain, beating sun or chilly winds.

We lived in the sort of cottage that when you stayed super quiet, you could hear the house breathe. Wooden beams creaking along to the rise and fall of its breath.

My phone had no reception. The first two days I kept wanting to check emails and punch in twitter updates, only to be greeted by a big fat ‘X’ on my blackberry screen. ‘No service’ it screamed back at me.

There was no point fighting it. Absolutely nothing I could do about it. Nada.

So for a whole week I went without. Although I did manage a few tweets towards the end; when I discovered the cottage was rigged up with wifi!

My time was spent with lots of other people in the same room, drinking, having conversations or reading. The very things we used to do all the time pre-Internet and twitter, remember? Or sometimes, I’d just be sitting down, feeding the baby. Enjoying the moment and ‘being’.

Detoxed of my digital dependence, my head felt clear. My anxiety dreams disappeared, replaced by surreal atmospheric ones. The nice kind I used to have a lot as a kid, which resulted in a dreamy floaty feeling the rest of the day.

All that country air was doing me good. One week was exactly what I needed to unwind and recharge; no need for longer – that’s just crazy talk.

Until the next family knees-up next year…

Sorry about the terrible photograph. I only had my Blackberry on me.



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  1. It is nice indeed… I currently have a broken arm, and altough I do have to work a bit this week, I almost completely switched off for four days. It did me a world of good.

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