Living in London when you have kids

I live in London. All five of us in a small flat in East London.

Gritty, urban East London. I love the noise and chaos of the city. So alive and yet so grim.


Quite a few people at work expressed their surprise that I live in London with my clan. Sometimes I wonder if there’s a textbook on ‘What To Do When You Have Children’ that everyone’s read which I don’t know about.

Everyone thinks you get more house for your money outside London. That is true. There are better schools. Probably true too. The air is much cleaner. Definitely true.

Our East London home is cramped and overcrowded. But how much house do I need? All I can think about, if we have a bigger house, is all that extra house I need to keep clean and tidy – the pain of more housework! Plus, how much more money do I need to spend every month on train fares. My weekly travelling costs currently is around £10, and it takes me about 45mins to get home from work.

Fergus Henderson, the chef behind St John Bar & Restaurant, lives in a 2-bed flat in Covent Garden with his wife and 3 teenage children. Like Fergus and his wife, my husband and I talk about moving into a bigger place all the time. But it might mean moving out of London (gasp!), and further away from all the things we love about the city.

So I looked at my Instagram to remind myself of all the London moments that my family has enjoyed in the last few months.


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10518157_736756723037360_1620856145_n 10483348_319738428191733_1896636110_n 10584683_673124609443589_246778280_n 10576127_1476285342612712_1941196075_n 10507961_807238492639913_1744496529_n


And you can even get a taste of the countryside!


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We all make our choices and I’ve made mine. The thought of being far away from the Barbican and Tate Modern kills me.

I’d definitely rather have these memories than a bigger house outside London. And my kids think so too.





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