Make Way For Ducklings

This book was given to us by an American friend when we had our first child seven years ago. Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey is a classic in America and every American child will be read the story at some point in their life, we were told.

First published in 1941, you can expect lots of old-fashioned illustrations. Our edition is by Viking Press and I wholly recommend paying a little more for this hardback version. It’s one of those books that should be passed from one generation of children to the next.

And this is how the story begins.

Mr and Mrs Mallard were looking for a place to live. But every time Mr Mallard saw what looked like a nice place, Mrs Mallard said it was no good. There were sure to be foxes in the woods or turtles in the water, and she was not going to raise a family where there might be foxes or turtles. So they flew on and on.

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