Marvin Wanted More!

Another hugely popular book in the house. Marvin Wanted More has been in the family for eight years. The first child was obsessed with it from about the ages 3 to 4 years old. He’s now 7 and reads it to the 2 year old.

Having an older child can be very handy.

The sheep in the meadow loved to play together all day long.

But Marvin was feeling rather gloomy.

“What’s the matter?” asked Molly.

“I can’t run as fast or jump as high as the other sheep,” grumbled Marvin. “I’m too small, it’s not fair.”

“But I like you as you are,” said Molly.


  1. That looks just like the sort of book I could do with! My 2 year old is currently going through a farm obsession, so I am off to Amazon right now, thank you!

    • There’s another Marvin the Sheep book. Think it’s called Marvin Gets Angry. My kids just fell in love with Marvin!

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