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New year is all about new resolutions, right? One thing I’ve learned – being older and wiser and all that – is that there’s no point in setting unachievable goals, so I’ve gone with committing to reviving old habits I used to enjoy. All bar one – see no. 5.

I can’t wait to get stuck into 2014; it’s going to be an exciting journey.

1. Make time for contemplation

“No one can get anywhere without contemplation. Busy people who do not make contemplation part of their business do not do much for all their effort.” – The Art Spirit by Robert Henri

I work full-time and have three kids. Between the two, there isn’t any spare time left. But I’ve found for one’s general well-being, it’s important to take some time out every day (failing that, then every other day) to reflect on the things I have done. It’s not enough to just do, it’s essential to just be.

2. Take regular exercise

My youngest is going to be two this year. It took one year for my body to return to normal pre-baby state, then in the second year to get used to life with three kids and working. This year, it’s time to get back on the treadmill and swimming pool, and get fit again.

3. Watch more films

Art house films is my secret indulgence. Foreign preferably. Low budget arty ones are great too.

4. Read more books

So much of my time goes on reading the news, magazines and blogs. Books end up last on my reading list, and surprise surprise, I seldom get round to it. Thus, I’m embarking on a reading adventure – more on it to come in an upcoming post.

5. Learn how to whistle

Not of the ‘whistle while you work’ sort, but the sort where it’s so loud you can hail down a cab. Just like SJP on Sex & the City. Why is this so important? I can’t explain it; it just is. Ambitious, much?

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  1. If you find a tutorial on how to do to SJP whistle please share. I’d love to do that on a whim in NYC one day too 🙂 I like your number 1 aim too, so vital!

    • I’ll research for a video and put it up on the blog.
      Yes, I’ve found that one needs time to just reflect. Otherwise the year would whizz by and wouldn’t even notice it.

  2. I LOVE your list – mainly because it is similar to my own, synergy and all that! One thing I don’t have on my resolution list though is the whistling, but oh boy is it on there now, I want to channel my inner SJP like back in the naughties, do you think there are classes? Thanks so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou x

    • Thanks, lady! For organising a fab linky. It was really good fun writing the post. Since writing it I’ve been busy busy at work. Really pleased I got the post done early in the week!

  3. In desperation for a cab one late Soho night I summoned up a whistle, and I don’t know where it came from or where it went, but it was a one-time wonder, and it worked! The cabbie who stopped told me it’s the best trick to hail a cab, so I need to get back out my inner SJP too! Great great list, books are definitely on mine too!

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