Modus autumn/winter 2012 press day

Ziggy Stardust says to Mohican: “Quack.” Mohican to Ziggy: “Quack back at ya.” Inbetween the two, you can catch the back of the policeman rubber duckie a la the Village People doing YMCA.

I was at the Modus press day yesterday, with my son in tow – thanks to the strike his school was shut. When he saw Oh Baby London, he made a beeline for it. “Mum, can I have a rubber ducky? Puh-lease.” “No, you can’t.” Oh, the trouble he had digesting the idea that nothing he saw was for sale. How do you explain a press day to a 7 year old?

My nesting instinct is fully developed at 36 weeks pregnant so naturally my oohing and ahing is that much more sustained. Did I mention that I’m having a girl?

Here are the smocked playsuits, so perfect for summer.

A starry long-sleeved playsuit.

And check out this shearling biker playsuit. Too cute!

We wandered over to Palladium, bringing back memories of my teenage years. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth wore one, if I recall correctly. Loved the shearling flaps.

And to end off this post, here’s the sweetest pair of shoes ever. It’s by Vivienne Westwood, and I’m pretty certain there’s a grown up version.


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