My big fat Christmas secret

It’s the same every Christmas. We stress over how much work we need to do before we break up for Christmas, we stress over the kids breaking up early at school and we stress about all the things we need to do for the big day. All in the run-up to Christmas.

Then there’s Christmas Day itself – oh, the excitement. Actually, it starts on the Eve. Setting up the kids for Father Christmas’s arrival (a mince pie, a carrot and a glass of port is ritually laid out) and the squeals of delight at 6am on seeing their presents, the empty glass and remaining crumbs on the plate.

Christmas time is unlike the rest of the year. I get the full double whammy of lots going at work and lots going on at home. I’m sure there’s lots of you out there who live to tell the same tale.

In the midst of the big Santa crazy, during Christmas week, my body does a funny thing. It shuts down. All year I work hard at my full-time job and work hard at being a mum, juggling numerous to-do lists. For two days straight, I don’t go on social media nor do I check my phone. A cold turkey (geddit? Turkey, Christmas?) from my normal day-to-day.

My ‘list’ is stripped to a bare minimum to only contain the following: read books, spend time with the kids, and drink port.

It’s like a period of hibernation. To recuperate, reconnect and re-energise.

Some friends have wondered why I take two days to reply to their text message over Christmas. Well, this is why.

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