My work day in 10 gifs

I work full-time. Five days a week, clocking about 8 to 9 hours a day. There is a pattern in my 9-to-5 hours.

We’re human beings and there is a rhythm to how we go about our everyday.

Think about the patterns of your life, about the daily routines that shape your existence…By identifying these patterns, and acknowledging their power to shape our lives, we’re better able to set the patterns in ways that boost happiness. – Gretchen Rubin

We talk about morning routines and evening routines. What about your office routine? Are there small changes you can make to it that will increase your happiness at work?

I’m starting my journey by first looking at how I currently spend my hours at work.

Here it is in 10 gifs.


1. Most of the days, I wake up thinking ‘how am I going to get through a busy day at work’
When you’re a working mum, there’s your normal office job to do, but there is also family stuff to manage. School assemblies, parent-teacher meetings, writing cheques for school dinners, organising your kids’ playdates and birthday parties. You get the idea.


2. So I give myself a talking to for not being positive enough
Yes, I CAN do it and I WILL do it.


3. By 8.30am, I’m at my desk. Email is the first thing I look at.


4. One email spawns three more, and they keep on arriving

By 10am, I just want it to stop.


5. Nearly all of our work in the office is done on power point
It’s an essential tool when you work in an agency. Oh, and they’re called decks, don’cha know.

6. Grab a quick lunch at the desk at 1pm


7. Carry on with more meetings throughout the day 
My day is packed with meetings. It’s a back-to-back schedule everyday. Sometimes I can have three meeting invites for the same hour.

8. At some point in the afternoon, my energy level starts flagging
Coffee gets me through the day. Everyday.


9. I try to get out of work on time, but it’s always busy, so I end up working an extra hour or so


10. By the time I get home, I need to recharge


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