I have a shoe thing

It’s confession time. I am a shoe fiend. More specifically, high heeled shoes. At last count I had about 10 pairs, its combined retail price the equivalent of my one month’s rent. I’m from an Imelda Marcos; there are lots more women out there whose shoe habit is far worse than mine. But nonetheless, it’s still quite a sight when I lined the shoes up in a row. They are such beautiful constructions. Heels four-inches high, the arch of the shoe, that elevated sensation. From my shoe experience, there is one man above all others. Nicholas Kirkwood is my Achilles’ heel. I wore a pair of his designs for my wedding and became utterly addicted. Its height might look dangerously vertiginous, but I promise you, it is perfectly comfortable.

Here’s an example of his perfect proportions, from his Keith Haring collection. The structure is archetypal Nicholas Kirkwood. He is a genius.

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