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It’s been six months, and it’s been a problem.

Not visiting a bookshop to immerse in books and magazines have left me high and dry. Life kind of took over, you see (I had a baby, got a new job and moved house twice – all in the same year).

In that small space of time, the magazine display at Artwords bookshop has changed immensely. Artwords, Conor Donlon and Claire de Rouen are the usual places I go. Fashion and art magazines used to rule the roost, but a new breed of magazines have muscled in. All centred around food & drink, discovery and travel: Lucky Peach, Modern Farmer, Hot Rum Cow and Cereal. Some titles were familiar, others not. After 20 years of magazine obsession, I can still feel my heart beat faster when I stumble upon a magazine I’d previously not known about.

Interestingly, magazines like i-D, Another, Purple and Love did not catch one’s attention, plus the glossy Conde Nast titles were missing. Or maybe they were there, just that I didn’t notice them.

A significant dent was made in the Kinfolk pile of magazines. One of two titles I had come out for; the other was Apartamento. The kids, meanwhile, were busy with the children’s books. I only meant to get the magazines, but ended up treating them to the Big Book of Anorak (more on Anorak another time).

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

Before I go, let me leave you with a little food for thought from Kinfolk:

“Do weekends still exist? Is it even possible to unplug from phones and computers? Whether you’re reveling in the great outdoors, doing some marathon baking or just lounging on the couch, this issue is our guide to striking the right balance and making the most food our well-earned days off.”

And with that, enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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