Puma on my feet

I had to go in to an office to work today. Still nursing an 8-week old, I have not given a slightest thought about my work wardrobe. Why would I? Mentally, I was still in ‘tracksuit bottom and t-shirt’ land.

Somehow, I managed something close to sensible workwear: black skinny jeans, batwing top and patent loafers. Not fashion-y. But smart enough. Off I went, with baby strapped in sling, to the West End.

I’ve taken Child 3 to meetings and into offices. But never for this long. She was a dream and slept while I worked. Five hours, we did in the office.

Except in the heat my feet doubled in size. My loafers, patent, is not as stretchy as the heat is hot. Because I’m already uncomfortable, working while hunched over a sleeping baby in my lap, the smallest discomfort really bothers me. Verging on OCD quite possibly.

I’ve got to get myself another pair of shoes.

Enter Puma Rs X Undefeated Snake. By the crew at Undefeated, I just love the snakeskin detailing. Also it’s not in a harsh black but a gentle olive colour.


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