Stay sporty, girls

The statistics on girls and sports are appalling.

Research by The Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation found that:

  • 51% of girls are put off physical activity by their experiences of school sport and PE.
  • 45% of girls say “sport is too competitive” and that more than half think boys enjoy competitive sport more than girls.
  • The proportion of children taking part in the recommended levels of activity per week declines from age 8 for girls but not for boys.
  • Boys are twice as active as girls at age 14 and 15.

As young as 8 years old!

The years building up to puberty is critical. Girls tend to start feeling more self-conscious in their teens, and exercise is a great way to boost their confidence. Through playing sports, they learn how to socialise, how to stay healthy and important life lessons in general (such as perseverance and that practice makes you better).

You will know what I mean when you watch this mini documentary about three 6-year-old girls with a passion for skateboarding.

They fall, they pick themselves up again, they support each other, they teach each other new tricks, and they’re having fun!

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