Stephen King as a working father

Before he hit the big time, Stephen King was a teacher and washed sheets at a laundry over the summer holidays. He was married with two young children, and his wife was also an aspiring writer. The only time he could write was after work and sometimes during his lunch hour.

How did the young family get by? How did he and his wife keep it all together?

I think we had a lot of happiness in those days, but we were scared a lot, too. We weren’t much more than kids ourselves (as the saying goes), and being friendly helped keep the mean reds away. We took care of ourselves and the kids and each other as best we could. Tabby wore her pink uniform out to Dunkin’ Donuts and called the cops when the drunks who came in for coffee got obstreperous. I washed motel sheets and kept writing one-reel horror movies. – Stephen King


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