The Cybher Meet and Greet

Cybher 2012

Woah, I’m about to go to my first ever blogging conference. Cybher’s not that far away!

Name : Karen Hodkinson
Blogs :
Twitter ID : @thedailymum
Height : 5’4″
Hair : It’s a past my shoulders with a fringe kind of number.

Five things you should know about me…
1. I work in fashion magazine publishing. But, I don’t live the fashion high life at all.
2. I’m Chinese. And yes, I speak the language.
3. I have three kids.
4. I’m a city girl through and through. I find the countryside intimidating and always need time to get used to it when I’m visiting.
5. I LOVE magazines. But I got tired of the ones that are on the newsstands and decided to launch my own. Yikes!

Join up to Siân’s Cybher Meet and Greet and see who else is going.


    • I’ll have a newborn strapped to me 😀
      Can’t wait to meet you too.

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