The Daily Mum Shop

I never planned to have an e-shop on my site. It started with posting an oft-read children’s book every Friday – called Fiction Friday started by @homedad. Then I started getting comments from people such as Stressy Mummy and HPMcQ. They left such positive feedback that I started fantasising I was a children’s book buyer for a bookshop. Why not, I wondered. So that’s how the idea of an e-shop of my Fiction Friday books came to be. My little space where I get to play bookshop owner. There are not many books in the shop presently, but it’s a growing collection. Pop over to the Shop to have a look!

I might add grown-up books to it over time. I like the idea of categorising them as ‘books to read if you have depression’, ‘books to read if you are in love’, ‘books to read if you have children’, etc.

If I keep going with the e-shop, perhaps one day, one day, I will come to own one in real life.

Shakespeare & Co. Antiquarian Books, Paris. Photography by Simple Dolphin


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