The Fly

I got this one out of the library this week, The Fly by Petr Horacek. Both the 7-year-old and 2-year-old were read this in a post-lunch storytelling session as part of Mum’s ‘clever’ plan to tone down the Easter holiday madness by a few notches. The story’s told from the perspective of the fly and there are some surreal surprises in the way the story’s presented. Going by the laughs and demand for an encore, I’d say this book is a hit.

I am not familiar with Horacek’s oeuvre and was suitably surprised to see the number of books he’s written. Turns out he’s born in Prague, just like This Is London’s Miroslav Sasek. Is there a Czech pattern I notice here?

And this is how the story begins.

Two goggly eyes, six hairy legs, two transparent wings…
It’s ME!
The House Fly.
But people don’t like me being in the house.
See what I mean?


  1. I love the fact that you always find such interesting books! This one sounds great! I really need to go to the library soon we haven’t been for ages!

    • Blame it on the Easter hols. Had to take the kids somewhere, so the library it was.
      I do love choosing books for the kids. Such a lot of fun!

  2. Karen, I love books that have a surreal element to them as they really challenge the imagination. Your idea about using books to quell the madness is something I’m going to copy too.

    Thanks for linking up to Parentonomy this week.

    • I’m always on the lookout for surreal children’s books. I’d love to hear about your finds!

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