The future’s yellow

A column written by The Daily Dad

Summer holidays are a challenging time for any parent. In particular, the problem of keeping three overheated children aged 1-to-9 properly fed while shuttling between playgrounds, cinemas and swimming pools is a thorny one. I should know.

But take heart, hassled parents – this is one problem to which a ready solution exists:  a product which is not only a miracle of packaging, nutrition and economy, but is portable, widely available from a range of retailers and kind to Mother Earth. I give you: the banana.

Not a new or a glamorous product, admittedly, slightly risible even (Google ‘David Milliband banana’ if you doubt this). But this unique food can transform a day of frazzled tempers and tearful episodes into a blissful period of quality family time.

Consider the banana’s iconic packaging: a triumph of design, bright enough to be visible at the bottom of the most disorganised rucksack, robust, fully biodegradable and ideal for composting.

The flesh of this extraordinary product is not only highly nutritious – providing most of a young child’s daily intake of vitamins C, B6, Potassium, Manganese and dietary fibre – but is utterly delicious. It is a well-known fact that no child, of any age, has ever refused a banana. Broccoli, eat your heart out.

Better still for the cash-strapped parent during the long, hot, expensive summer, a single Fairtrade banana can be picked up at a local supermarket for around 12 pence per unit. They even come in handy multipacks, or ‘bunches’ as they are known to the trade.

Make your summer that little bit easier: pack a banana.




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