The meaning of Christmas

The window in Santa's grotto

The window in Santa’s grotto

Mulled wine, presents, mince pies, the scent of fir trees, office Christmas parties. Ah, how lovely.

Add kids to the equation, and the list grows exponentially. There’s the nativity play (which I missed because of work), the carol concert (I made it!), the school Christmas fair (I survived that), the guitar concert (I still need to move a couple of meetings around).

Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive in the home is a SWAT operation. The elves need to deliver the advent calendar sweets for 24 consecutive days, sending the ‘right toy list to Father Christmas’ (the kids keep changing their minds about their main present!), and attending the aforementioned activities.

Then there’s just the general winter weather: applying multiple layers of clothing to each child. It’s about 30mins to an hour of prep before the family gets as far as the front door. Sometimes I feel like a farmer, shepherding the herd towards the gate.

Our tree is going up next weekend. We’ve gone plastic fantastic, and I’m tempted to get Christmas in a bottle.

Chaotic and lively. That’s our Christmas season every year. As manic as it is, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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