The stories are in your clothes

This is such a heart-warming video. It’s by Patagonia, a brand known for its extreme weather gear.

Different people are interviewed about their pieces of Patagonia clothing and the adventures they’ve had with it. It’s quite lengthy at 27 minutes but the stories really draw you in.

We can’t be a society that’s based on consuming and discarding endlessly. What we’re trying to do is make clothes that can be handed down, that’ll last forever.

At the end of the film, I was thinking of the stories in my and my childrens’ wardrobe.

My prized possession is a denim jacket where the right shoulder is held together by the last surviving threads. It’s around 20 years old, bought when I was a teenager.

With my kids, there is a striped green and black Cacharel cardigan which came in one of the many bags of hand-me-downs my sister-in-law gave us. Her three kids wore the cardigan and my three kids too. I can’t bear to give it away as it holds so much memories.

With the Patagonia video, watch it as┬ácasual entertainment. But for those of you who work in advertising, it’s probably worth pointing out that it’s a great piece of content marketing.


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