Tim Etchells and his We Wanted project

This is a piece by Tim Etchells, the force behind Forced Entertainment. He sent me this picture when I interviewed him about another project he was working on a month or so ago. The phrase ‘We Wanted To Be The Sky’ set against the almost night-time sky moved me.

First presented at Glastonbury Festival (Shangri-La) in 2011, it was also shown at Thames Festival and London Pleasure Gardens in 2012, ending its mini-tour in Victoria Quays in Sheffield.

Tim wrote on his blog:

We Wanted takes a phrase from Cat Power’s song Colors And The Kids on the album Moon Pix as the basis for a 15 metre long, 1 metre tall 3-d sign made from stainless steel and programmable LEDs . I’ve always loved the song, and if I’m listening to it it’s this small part of a line, when she gets there, that always has the strongest possibility to make me cry.

Removed from its place, rendered as solid letters and shifting light and set in a dialogue with an outdoor location the phrase seems to become something else entirely – a fragment that floats freely and which can attach to each place and each reader in different ways.

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