Tried & tested: The best moisturiser ever

I never really liked moisturising. I never thought it a necessity. But mainly, it was because I have oily and sensitive skin. The last thing I wanted was another layer of grease on top of naturally produced grease. Many a beauty editor I’ve worked with over the years have gone on about the importance of daily moisturising. Still, I was not convinced.

Then I read a survey that French women looked seven years younger than their British counterparts by the time they hit 40.

β€œSome 89 per cent said their youthful appearance was down to their skincare regimes.Indeed, French ladies start using creams and serums at least five years earlier than British women.”

I am well on my way to the big four-zero, and reading this survey definitely set alarm bells ringing. My beauty editors were right. (Of course they would be. Why did I ever doubt them?)

The first brand I turned to was Kiehl’s. Old fashioned and traditional, Kiehl’s was founded in 1851 by John Kiehl in New York’s East Village and began as a homeopathic pharmacy.

I started using Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream two months ago, applying a thin layer all over my face after jumping out of my morning shower. My skin drank it up, as if starved of hydration for the last 100 years. Surprising, I thought. It never occurred to me, nor did it appear, that my skin was in urgent need of hydration.

There was no uncomfortable greasy aftermath and my skin felt ‘happy’ – yes, I kid you not – all day. I also noticed that my well hydrated skin was less prone to breakouts and it looked much clearer.


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