A Valentine’s Day gift to you

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s a celebration that’s so commercialised by greeting card companies that it’s become a matter of principle for my husband and I not to celebrate. We’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day in fact. Ever.

It’s just an excuse for restaurants and florists to jack up their prices.

If your friends celebrate Valentine’s, be happy for them. No need to crumble under peer pressure though. You can still bring out that lovely feeling; do something special for yourself.

Yes, a little special treat just for you.

No one needs to know.

1. Valentine Beauty Kit by Net-a-Porter, £45



2. Black Shirt Dress by Zero Maria Cornejo, $675



3. Helsinki bag by Millu Millu, £325



4. Silver Ring by Monica Vinader, £120



5. Whisky Tasting by Bompass & Parr at Ace Hotel (Shoreditch), £48 per person


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