What’s playing on your pod?

I saw Bibsey Mama’s post ‘What’s on your pod man?‘ and could not resist joining in the fun.

All the songs I’ve chosen conjure up strong memories of a certain place and time. Nostalgia is a pretty powerful drug. These tunes were played repeatedly throughout my 20s, both in the office and at home. Although, would I want to re-live that period again? No, thanks. I’m quite pleased it’s behind me.

Sunday Morning – Velvet Underground
Verdict: This was always on first thing in the morning in the office, courtesy of the then office manager.

Heart of Glass – Debbie Harry
Verdict: If the office ran out of tunes to play, it always defaulted to Blondie.

Hurt – Johnny Cash
Verdict: This came up as the most often played song on my iTunes. My advice: never ever listen to this on a slow Friday afternoon, it could send you spiralling into depression.

Just for good measure, here’s Nine Inch Nail’s original version.

Oh Mandy – Spinto Band
Verdict: Toe-tapping good mood music. Guaranteed to pick me up on a slow afternoon.

Being Boring – Pet Shop Boys
Verdict: With this tune, I’m immediately back in the summer of 2003. That very very hot summer. So many balmy evenings spent on the balcony drinking warm beer.

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